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Labor Market, Health & Sustainability

At WifOR, we translate macroeconomic data on sustainability, labor market, and health into the basis for decision-making. For each of these focus areas, we release a topic-specific newsletter providing updates on the latest research, upcoming events, job openings, and more from WifOR. Sign up below to keep up-to-date and informed – simply select from the subscription options.

Labor Market

Demographic change, digitalization, and evolving stakeholder expectations: today's labor market – known as the Labor Market 5.0 – presents fundamental challenges causing companies to drastically change the way they operate. But with this change comes an array of opportunities. Discover more here.


From the wellbeing of citizens to resilient economies, health lies at the heart of prosperous societies. Creating a paradigm shift in the way health is valued is therefore critical: away from being seen as a cost factor and towards recognizing health as an investment. Sign up here to learn more.



Climate change, energy transition, and societal transformation: sustainable development is reshaping the world we live in. Yet many organizations face complex challenges when it comes to adapting. The first step in sustainability is to understand the impact of activities – from direct effects, right along the global supply chain. Register here to stay up-to-date with the latest research in sustainability.