Dr. Malina M
Dr. Malina Müller
Head of Health Economics

Expert profile: Dr. Malina Müller

Dr. Malina Müller heads the research field Health Economics at WifOR Institute and specializes in statistics, health policy, and alternative economies. Her aim is to achieve health for all by making the significance of health interventions visible. She envisages a society in which the medical and socioeconomic benefits of investments and innovations in healthcare are valued, by making the Social Impact of health interventions measurable and recognized. Through scientific research, Dr. Müller presents the value of health in order to enable key stakeholders to recognize where gaps in health exist and which measures can effectively deliver better, more resilient health.

Dr. Malina Müller's Vision

Dr. Malina Müller holds a doctorate on the determinants of healthcare utilization in German social health insurance (SHI) and is a guest lecturer at various universities across Germany. She teaches topics including Health Economic Decision Modelling, Labor Market and Alternative Economics, and Institutional Economics.

Since joining the Health Economics team at WifOR in 2016, Dr. Müller has lead research projects analyzing the Social Impact of medical innovations and the long-term benefits of preventative approaches for populations at a macro level. Her research models the efficacy and ROI of innovative medicines using advanced econometrics, statistical methodologies, and simulations.

Academic Background & Scientific Focus

  • Dr. rer. pol. (PhD) from the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany), thesis: Misdiagnosis homo economicus? The utilization of healthcare services in Germany and the role of co-payments”
  • Social Sciences (BA and MA) from the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany)
  • Health Economic Policy
  • Alternative Economics
  • Social Impact (SI) and Return on Investment (ROI) of medical interventions
  • Statistical and simulation modelling